Fear or Phobia

Free yourself from fear!


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I treat many adults and children who suffer with phobias.  Many people with severe phobic reactions are afraid of using therapy to remove their fear as they believe that during the treatment they will be exposed to the thing they fear.  Hypnotherapy uses the person's perceptions to create a place of safety from which internal messages about the fear can be changed.  There is no need for people to be exposed to the object of their fear during hypnotic treatment.


Phobias can profoundly affect people's everyday lives.  They are often caused by avoiding something the person fears until the subconscious mind begins to produce an anxious 'fight or flight' response.  Sometimes thinking about the source of the fear or seeing pictures of it will also produce a stress response.

“My 9-year old daughter had a severe balloon phobia since she was two and a half....  it took four sessions to remove the phobia....  I cannot thank Natasha enough, she is amazing at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Facebook review by client's parent - 2014


Hypnotherapy is a great way to treat even long standing and deep seated fears and phobias.  Call me now and start to free yourself from fear.