Natasha Pester

About Me


I became a Hypnotherapist a few years back a little by accident!  I wanted to be a Counsellor and began studying on a three year counselling course.  I had been a listening Samaritan for seven years and knew that people needed to be heard and supported to be able to find a way through to solving their problems.  All through my teens and into my adult life, I had experienced symptoms of generalised anxiety; a sick feeling when I woke in the morning and unexplained feelings of panic and dread.  As I studied and my fellow students practiced on me,  I experienced the power and the speed of using hypnosis and I was hooked!  I have never had those anxious, out of control feelings since.  I continued on my Pychotherapeutic Counselling Diploma and I am able use those techniques  too with my clients, but I was blown away by the simplicity and the results I saw with hypnosis and knew this was going to be the method I would want to share.


I worked in Adult Education and Training for many years before having my family.   I taught adults with learning disabilities and then planned and evaluated services which employ and train them.  I also worked with children in Special Schools throughout North Somerset.  I've been a Senior Lecturer in Hypnotherapy & Councelling for Chrysalis Courses teaching a Hypnotherapy Diploma at various UK university venues.  I especially loved the group demonstrations of hypnosis I got to do.  I personalise my approach to the person I have in front of me and I work hard with the client to bring about the change and balance they want.