I am a Professional Hypnotherapist; I treat adults and children of all ages from my comfortable private treatment room in Weston-super-Mare.


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What could hypnotherapy do for you?



Hypnotherapy is a swift, safe and relaxing solution-based therapy which is becoming more and more popular as modern life places increasing amounts of stress on people.  It is a safe and very relaxing experience whilst also being a useful therapeutic intervention.


My relaxing hypnotherapy treatments use personalised scripts written for every client.  Treating each client as a unique individual maximises effectiveness.


I specialise in making the first experience of hypnosis comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable.

I can help you or your child with:


• Stress and anxiety

• Habits, fears and phobias

• Lack of confidence

• Performance and concentration

• Weight loss

• Smoking cessation

• Insomnia

• Pain management


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Note: It is recommended that you talk to your GP before starting any alternative treatments.

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